Urbanscapes at India Design 2017

Mega Installations over the entire promenade to create interactive spaces for people to sit and louge with endless cups of coffee and teas, adding a factor of human interaction with the built environment.

Site-Specific installations
for India Design ID2017
Days on the Site
Fabrication and Installation
Individual Pieces
Cut, Woven and Welded
Spent by M:OFA

Urbanscapes, site-specific installations at the India Design ID2017.

In an effort to create an environmentally conscious gesture, MOFA Studios in collaboration with Cutting Creations created a mega-urban landscape stretching from one end of the venue to another. Dotting the central promenade right from one end to the other these fluid funicular structures rising from the ground create interactive spaces for people to socialize, adding a factor of human interaction with the built environment


Computer Numerical Controlled cutting and milling underway at M:OFA collaborator Cutting Creations workshops


Workmen installed the mega-structures on site, M:OFA's site-interventions combine advanced technologies with traditional methods


The installations are a tribute to the trees of Delhi. In an environmentally conscious gesture the funicular shapes recall the trees that we have already lost


Alteration and classification of forms representing the earth rising up in the form of landscaped hillocks to be made from scrap waste


Understanding the morphology and scales to create an interpretation of the Delhi landscape


Providing a topology of spaces for resting and socializing at IDID2017